Wednesday, 4 May 2011

doors - part two

And welcome back to part two of our series on doors. For your viewing pleasure today, we have specimens from the Chateau de Versailles and the Cimitière du Père Lachaise.

A look out through the glass doors to the gardens beyond, and the lake where you can rent a little boat for an extortionate price for about half an hour. (So worth it if you have a half-naked, hot man to row it for you. I speak from experience. Less worth it when you are with your mother).

Rusting metal; this deep green was everywhere in the cemetery.

I love the way the metal changes colour as it tarnishes. 

Lots of the graves haven't been tended for decades; it's sad when someone has clearly broken into a grave just to - what? Sit there, drink, smoke? There would be beer cans or fast food wrappers thrown through the broken window of a tomb just like this.

With this one, I tried to get the light coming through the stained glass window behind it. We went late afternoon, when the sun was dipping, so a lot of these photos had a lovely amount of golden light: perfect for getting shadows and softness. We got there just before it closed, so we soon saw the woman on the little cemetery-mobile drive round, blasting her horn and telling us in French through a megaphone to get out because the gates were closing.

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