Monday, 7 May 2012

except for when they are of flying, all my thoughts are with you

Just found out a mate of mine does beautiful, talented illustrations and book covers. Of course, if it's at least kind of literary, I'm hooked. Check him out here:

I am counting down the days until these essays are in, and TakeOver starts and I'm still busy but it's good busy rather than stressful busy and I've got good theatre to look forward to and organise. I'm so excited about this festival starting - the other day someone complimented me (on behalf of the rest of the TakeOver team - I had nothing to do with the programming side of it) on our line-up for the festival and it made me stop and think, 'Actually, yeah. We do have an incredible line-up.' What a nice realization to have.
So if you're in York and you're reading this... For goodness' sake, will you just realise how lucky you are and treat yourself with a few tickets before they all run out? 

Kate Tempest's Wasted by company Paines Plough, coming to TakeOver from 24th to 26th May.

In other news, I've found out how to get an incredible amount of likes on your Facebook statuses. 

There's a good marketing tip coming up, so prick up your ears all you PRs and marketeers out there. (The word marketeers always makes me think of meerkats).

Drum roll...

Write a status complaining about the lack of seats in the library and damning all first years who even bother coming to the library in final term. (Pssssh. Like they have any work to do!) You're practically guaranteed upwards of 30 likes - you've got every single third year in the uni on your side.

One more thing. 

Marriage is an expression of and a commitment to a life-long, lasting, loving relationship. Homosexual couples are as capable of loving and being loved as heterosexual couples, and should be allowed to express that love and that commitment in exactly the same way.

If you agree (or even if you don't), fill out the online form, as the government are asking for public opinion on the matter of Equal Marriage Consultation, and I think this is important.

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