Tuesday, 29 March 2011

I've had a very productive day. I've created a lot of washing up, done a lot of washing up, done some baking, read a wee bit and read at least one text I'm planning to use for my essay. So much for having an essay plan done by the end of the day.

But the good thing about this day is the introduction of these French Muffins into my life.

But stop right there. Before you read any further, load up this song and have it playing while you continue reading. It's light, airy and springlike, just like these morning muffins.

I converted the recipe using Calculate Me, and changed a few things about it. I added a bit more nutmeg and cinnamon than the recipe stated, as I thought the flavour would be too light. I also added a small teaspoonful - or thereabouts - of olive oil, which I think gives it a more muffiny texture (rather than a cupcake... there's a difference, trust me). Furthermore, I saw the ingredients for the topping and mixed them all together, making a syrup, rather than dipping the muffins into the melted butter and then into the sugar/cinnamon mix. Then I added a few drops of lemon juice to the syrup, which was an inspired addition because the bitterness of the lemon combated somewhat the sugariness of the topping. Because I liked the look of the white sugar encrusting the golden muffins, I made a sugar/cinnamon mix anyway and sprinkled it over the syrupy tops, letting it stick to it and give a nice layer of crunchiness on top. These are best served warm.

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