Wednesday, 23 March 2011

This woman is beautiful.

I mean, come on. How is this fair? She fulfils just about every stereotype of a gorgeous French woman. I'm pleased to see her championing the use of hats. It's a shame that you don't see men donning their fedoras before they go out, or women in a sophisticated cloche as they walk down the street any more. Wearing a hat today is a definite style choice, one that marks you out. Wearing a hat is suddenly a very inventive fashion statement, but you have to be so careful, else it might seem like you just wandered out of the period costume shop. Millinery is so easy to get wrong. It can make or break an outfit just like that, but Lou Doillon has got it down.

What else is fabulous about Lou Doillon? Her half-sister is Charlotte Gainsbourg. These French family trees!

Please can I be in this family? It's the pouty jawline, the oh-so-French middle partings and shiny, shiny dark hair. Understated glamour. I love the trench coat shoot she did for Harpers Bazaar.

Watch her in I'm Not There, the Dylan biopic. She's breathtakingly beautiful, in all the post-coital shots of her and Heath Ledger, or when they're driving the car or riding the motorbike together. Such a beautiful film.

And the symbol of the modern, laidback, urban and androgynous Frenchwoman is their mother: Jane Birkin. Now that's what people in the horse world call good stock.

(Maybe the secret is a heavy fringe under which to pout seductively and blink your big, dark eyes?)


  1. Dearest,
    She looks like you.

  2. I very much agree about Charlotte. The scene on the motorbike is my favourite. You should thank me for that film.