Monday, 28 March 2011

London today, for an interview at Pleasance Theatre. Took the camera, found a few London friends, had coffee, an Oreo milkshake, a cigarette. Got a number of interesting heckles throughout the day, including a marriage proposal from a schoolboy. Explorations: down Marylebone, the length and breadth of Angel, Islington, and some of Camden, Baker Street and a touch of Portobello.

This busker was in Liverpool Street, I think.

 What I liked about this guy was that he was dressed quite trampy - all dark hues, patchy, sort of grubby-looking coat, trousers too short (seemingly in an ill-fitting way, not as a style choice) -  but he was wearing these beautiful, brown, leather brogues. I got the brogues in a different picture but the quality was worse so I decided to put this one up. He seemed completely out of it; don't think he realised he was being photographed.

This guy, however, knew he was being photographed. Not sure he was too pleased about it. I just liked the jaunty way he sat on the rental bikes. Just opposite the street from this was a man doing some building work on the glass side of a tall building - or maybe he was window-washing?- and he was swinging on a plank, quite carefree. It was lovely. I have a photo but it's not zoomed in and I have yet to work out how to do that on my computer. It was fine just looking at it on the camera.

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