Monday, 21 March 2011

Not long until Paris. I'm counting down the days.

Staying in an apartment off the Blvd. Saint Marcel, Les Gobelins mètro.

I'm going by myself for 4 days and then my mother is joining me for about 3.

I'm going back to that one patisserie by St Paul, and the tapas bar San Pablo near it.
What else? Trying to find that lingerie shop in the Odéon quartier, taking a cheap bottle of wine to the parc Belleville, watching the guys playing basketball and the sun set over  the city while sitting on the walls.  Shakespeare and Co.

And I'm going to try and find a few new things - after all, I already know my favourite spots in Paris. Let's explore further. Else I'm missing out on a huge range of new favourite spots.

I've already got a list sorted (yes, yes, I know - my penchant for lists is bordering on obsessive).

I'm taking my camera - a Nikon d40 - and my diary, and recording it every step of the way.

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  1. I love your blog, beautiful photos.