Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Damn it, man.

Yesterday I grilled mackerel: smeared a bit of Dijon mustard down the non-skin side, grilled it skin-side down, seared it to make it crispy, covered it with pesto, lemon and sea salt breadcrumbs and cooked purple-sprouting broccoli as a side. Then a side-salad of rocket, tomatoes, green pepper, crumbly soft feta, celery, oil and lemon dressing. The smooth texture and salty taste of the feta balanced out the smoky mackerel perfectly. And you know what? We were so busy munching it down I completely forgot to take photos of it. And it was so pretty, as well.

I think I'm good at improvising with savoury recipes - I couldn't really make up a baking recipe without basing it heavily on another one - but am a more adept baker and dessert-maker. So when I do make a good main course, I want to record it!

. . .

As of tomorrow, this laptop, camera and I are relocating to Paris. See you around. You'll find me in Shakespeare and Co., typing Dorothy Parker ditties out on the old typewriter and sticking them up around the desk with pins.

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