Tuesday, 12 April 2011

It's my last day tomorrow. To soften the blow, I'm going to Stratford for a few days to rehearse. Can't wait.

This first photo is from the day we spent in Versailles. It was swelteringly hot. The Chateau was disappointing; the grounds baking.

And the customary photo of the Eiffel Tower from an arty angle.
It was like the bleeding Tower of Babel up there; when you stood in the lift, you could hear so many different snippets of conversations at once in a myriad of different languages. Like a radio, you would tune your ear to each different language, trying to understand something, before moving onto the next. I hate the Eiffel Tower.

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  1. Did you know that Versaille was filthy under the monarchs? The corridors were used as open toilets (for only Marie Antoinette had a latrine) and pigs and geese were kept in them.