Friday, 29 April 2011

paris street art - part two

 These first three were just off the Place Sartre et Beauvoir, the same road that the restaurant Le Petit Zinc is on (good seafood, so I've heard). Just looked it up - it's the rue Saint Benoit!

This one is above the je t'aime wall in Montmartre. Look at the shape behind it - is that intentional, or a shadow of some other wall painting from before? It looks like a woman sitting.

Montmartre, again. There's this one steep path down from the hill, just after you've gone through the artists quarter bit, which everyone goes down, and the walls along the sides are covered in some really imaginative and creative graffiti.

I've never seen this type of thing before: 3D faces coming out of the wall in front of you, touchable, while the artist has painted a background around it.

This looks Japanese, doesn't it?

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