Friday, 22 April 2011

In the most recent Sunday Times Style Magazine was a feature about a new photography exhibition by Robert Wyatt coming up, called 'At Home'. The premise was that Wyatt went round the homes of 'real women', and photographed them, in the nude, in completely natural lighting. No airbrushing, no lamps, no tidying up of the room in which they were photographed. Just a photograph of those women (who aren't all thin and many of whom have had children and have the bodies that bear the memories, hallelujah) in the most intimate settings, something which normally only a partner or lover would see.

I think it's a wonderful idea (no surprise there; we all know how obsessed I am with pictures of naked women). I'm dying to see the exhibition, but I'll be in York at the time, so don't think I can get to London. But if anyone is in London on those dates, have a look, see what you think, then tell me all about it.

Robert Wyatt
At Home - exhibition of nudes of 'real women' in their own homes
Redchurch Gallery E2
10th - 15th May

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