Wednesday, 20 April 2011


The Je T'aime wall in Montmartre.

This was on the last day, when I was taking photos of anything I could, just to remember and capture a little bit more of Paris, and take it home with me. But looking at the photo doesn't recapture it. Sometimes, when rereading poems, I can recapture the feeling I had when I either first read it - or when I wrote it if it's one of my own - but with my own photos, they simply make me fond and nostalgic, rather than transporting me back. This is the Place de Sartre et Beauvoir, next to Les Deux Magots.

I saw this couple walking ever so slowly in the Jardin du Luxembourg. They were talking in low voices, and she had her arm laced through his constantly. They were ever so sweet.

Montmartre - is that Tour Montparnasse in the distance? Every person who's been to Montmartre will know from which point this photo was taken. 

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